At famous Parisian shop Merci, for ‘Countryfication’ Corner | nähen
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We are pleased to announce that nähen is in the selection of the ‘Countryfication’ corner held at Merci, until June 13, 2022. Meet on the first floor of the famous concept store to discover our embroidered Furoshikis alongside other very beautiful objects around the theme of the Campaign.

To discover : The book Coming Home To Nature. The French Art of Countryfication published by Flammarion and written by Estelle Marandon, Charlotte Huguet, Gesa Hansen. It just came out and it looks great! Hello From the Hansen Family wooden candle holders. Candles and matches from Maison Pechavy Vintage crockery Our embroidered Furoshikis, in checkered linen, to wrap the book.

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