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About us, the nähen atelier

Welcome to nähen ! nähen (pronounced [nɛːən]) was first born from a love story! Then a mixture of several know-how for…

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Pretty ideas for Easter

On April 17, 2022, it will be an opportunity to meet up with family or friends around good meals for…

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Personalized gift ideas for Mother’s Day

May 30th is the day of our darling moms (in France). Even if there is no date to offer them a nice gift and a lot of love, it is still an opportunity to prepare them personalized attention.

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“Vospov Kofte” Armenian recipe for summer aperitif

For your summer aperitifs, we offer you a new recipe that changes! The ‘Vospov Kofte’, Armenian mezze (also found in Lebanon) are small dumplings made from lentils. It’s simple to make, pretty on the table (the art of arranging them nicely in a circular fashion is part of the dish) and delicious. Vegetarian and very fresh, this recipe is perfect for summer.

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