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Good weather, end of the lockdown, desire for wide open spaces and nature: we are happy to find the picnic season! It’s time to take your basket, slip the sandwiches in to go out for lunch, invite friends to have a drink in the garden and bring out your little seasonal recipes. Check out our ideas for making these picnics pretty and eco-friendly.

We often say to ourselves that absolute simplicity, for an easy picnic organization, is a packet of crisps + slices of white ham in plastic + a few disposable cups. Except we can do it differently with a few good ideas. We try ? Especially since between us, this kind of “plastic cup picnics” has never made anyone dream. Here are our ideas for imagining pretty picnics, without waste, with good products and without breaking the bank. It is really possible and greatly satisfied.

Crockery: how to choose it? To choose picnic or aperitif tableware, there are plenty of ecological, economical and aesthetic alternatives to disposable plates. Just think first of your usual plates, if the aperitif is in the garden it is better to transport them there and wash them then rather than buying disposable ones. If you are going on an adventure for the picnic, choose bamboo plates that are washable, reusable and light. For cutlery, choose them in Bamboo too or wrap a few metal knives in a tea towel. Without forgetting your Opinel which will be used for everything.

Packaging: our tips To do without plastic and not multiply disposable packaging, here is how we organize ourselves: – boxes that close (Tupperware, glass or plastic) to put in: homemade hummus, cherry tomatoes, salad, cheese, rillettes… – beeswax packaging: this brilliant object allows you to wrap ready-made meals (instead of aluminum foil or plastic film), vegetables AND sandwiches (but wow, we finally have the solution!) – mesh bags: for fruit – the linen pouch: for the bread. To discover here!

Table linen: bye bye disposable napkins! A large cotton fabric will act as a tablecloth (in Gingham for a retro picnic atmosphere) with a linen napkin for each. You can personalize them here, with first names or small words. To reuse for every occasion: ‘at the table’, ‘yum!’, ‘friends’, ‘bon app’…’

Drinks: don’t forget 😉 As you understand, we forget the plastic bottles 😉 We only choose glass bottles or large gourds for filtered water and thermos for coffee and tea. On that side, nothing very complicated.

Improvise a table A large sanded pallet or with a tablecloth on it can serve as a table, just to be well installed. Or an upturned wooden box that will be perfect for setting up a small bar.

A nice basket: to carry everything Choose a large basket with a solid handle and for the height of chic, a picnic case with all your equipment inside. There, it will be at the top level!

Bons pique-niques !

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