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The good weather makes us want country decoration. Take out the table in the garden, prepare large bouquets of wild flowers and put in the oven a good rustic pie. This summer many of us will be staying in France so now is the time to enjoy the countryside.

You don’t have a garden? Bring it into your home or on your balcony for dinner with rustic tableware. We have found inspiration for you to imagine a pretty decoration. Welcome to episode 2 of Tablemood, the inspirations for imagining a themed table.

The large wooden table, without tablecloth Unearthed at a flea market, reused after a first life in a workshop, found in the attic of the country house: the large wooden table is the pillar of the country table.

Bouquets and large candles, table accessories As a table runner, we install a series of candlesticks and large candles, for a soft and warm atmosphere.

Lunch in the middle of the garden Imagine a (party) table in the middle of the garden or why not in a field. We have a few mismatched chairs around the table, and decorating it will do everything!

Light up gently Finally, install a few lanterns or light garlands in the trees that overhang the table (or along the railing of the balcony) for a nice and warm lighting.

And, rustic pie ideas to share After testing this delicious recipe, we wanted to share it with you: rustic tart with goat cheese tomatoes and caramelized onions. Or another zucchini version: rustic zucchini and goat cheese tart.

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