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Welcome to the first ‘Tablemood‘, a new series to fill up on inspiration and to imagine a themed table. Traveling from home, imagining, decorating, inventing by creating a universe to savor a good time. Share your inspirations on Instagram with #tablemood! And go here every week to discover a new theme.

Pizza, mozzarella, il pomod’oro… do you see us coming? In the absence of being able to travel for the moment, we will bring an air of Dolce Vita into your home with tableware inspired by Italy. We begin ?

Aperitivo and meals that last for hours The Italian aperitif is, in other words, the best moment! This is where the famous anti pasti arrive, where we enjoy grilled vegetables and melting burrata. Accompany everything with a good wine or light cocktails. This little moment is a true art of living.

The Italian table is not dressed to the nines, it is lively, full of color and a bit rustic. Everyone helps themselves, large pasta dishes are available on the table with the parmesan cheese not far away. In short, we savor, we take our time and we apply the slow life Mediterranean version.

We want color! The star color is red: tablecloth, tomatoes, sauces, small peppers, cocktails… We add tangy and sunny touches like the yellow of citrus fruits (the famous lemons of the Amalfi Coast). These lemons can serve as decoration on the table, on the plate but also in the glass with the famous Limoncello.

Accessories to add First of all, don’t forget the red wine (to be consumed in moderation) and its delicious sunny flavors. Then the Tuscan olive oil, which we leave on the table to add as much as you want. Add to that citrus fruits: lemons and citrons (depending on the season!) to be placed in large salad bowls placed on the table or on each plate. Finally, the matching tablecloth and napkins, a bit retro in white and red.

Star recipes and must-haves Pasta and pizza are the queens of the Italian table, of course. But you still have to know how to make them really Italian! To taste real good al dente pasta, we recommend the delicious Al dente La Salsa (as well as their sauces). Spaghetti alle vongole, Alla norma… the brand also offers some good recipes here. For dessert it will be Tiramisu or Panna Cotta, with several recipes unearthed here. In Paris, there is also the RAP delicatessen which offers quality regional Italian products. Good tasting !

Music, per piecere ! And to top it off, a little background music with all the best made in Italy hits that will accompany you during your dinners. Good news, Ali di Firenze has created a 12 hour playlist of Italian music. Turn on the sound, the Italian joy of living comes to your home. Discover it here.

To personalize your Italian napkins, visit our eshop. Ciao, amore, pasta… we can embroider everything!

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